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Expert Studies

“U.S. Cable & Satellite: How Economically Sensitive Is Pay TV?”
Abstract: Excerpts taken from a Bernstein Research report that highlight the tremendous value cable’s video service provides to consumers.
Publication Type: Expert Study
Attachment: Bernstein_Research_overview_01.14.09.pdf (16.0 KB)

“An Analysis of the Cable Industry’s Impact on the U.S. Economy”
Abstract: The economic impact of cable’s huge broadband investment is evidenced in a report by Bortz Media & Sports Group.
Publication Type: Expert Study
Attachment: Bortz_Economic_Report_06.11.08.pdf (382.8 KB)

“Parenting Moves Online: Parents’ Internet Actions and Attitudes, 2007”
Abstract: A new poll from Cable in the Classroom and Common Sense Media finds that parents are taking proactive steps to keep kids safe and smart on the Web.
Publication Type: Expert Study

“Parental Control Perfection? The Impact of the DVR and VOD Boom on the Debate over TV Content Regulation” 
Abstract: In this report, the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s Adam Thierer focus on the extent to which new video technologies, such as DVRs and VOD services, are changing the way households consume media and are helping parents better tailor viewing experiences to their tastes and values.
Publication Type: Expert Study

Media Literacy and Internet Safety Education: Key to Students’ Success in the 21st Century
Abstract: A new survey of states was released at the National Educational Computing Conference, The Changing Media Landscape: Ensuring Students’ Safety and Success in School & the Future Workplace. It was conducted by SETDA in cooperation with Cable in the Classroom to better understand the evolving challenges and opportunities offered by technology and to help develop best practices and standardized tools to address these issues nationwide.
Publication Type: Expert Study
Attachment: Media_Lit_Survey_Release_06.26.07.pdf (40.5 KB)

“Parental Controls and Online Child Protection: A Survey of Tools and Methods”
Abstract: A new book from the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s Adam Thierer provides a broad survey of resources on the market today that can help parents better manage media content, including such sources as broadcast television, cable or satellite TV, music devices, mobile phones, video game consoles, the Internet, or social networking websites.
Publication Type: Expert Study

“Cable À La Carte Pricing Creates More Problems Than It Solves” 
Abstract: Forrester Research has released a report entitled “Cable À La Carte Pricing Creates More Problems Than It Solves,” which concludes that only half of consumers are interested in à la carte but those that are interested in it greatly undervalue the cost of programming, envisioning artificially low prices can’t be sustained in the market.
Publication Type: Expert Study

“Television Violence and Aggression: Setting the Record Straight”
Abstract: The Media Institute released a paper by Dr. Jonathan Freedman, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Freedman warns that the growing movement to limit television violence because of its supposed effect on children’s behavior cannot be justified by the body of existing research, which is actually “inconsistent, weak, and generally non-supportive.”
Publication Type: Expert Study


Government Reports

CRS Analyzes the FCC’s 2nd Report on A La Carte
Abstract: The Congressional Research Service analyzes the FCC’s second “Further Report” on a la carte and finds that none of the studies or reports issued to date can be deemed definitive, though an a la carte approach could have serious implications for diversity.
Publication Type: Government Report
Attachment: CRS_Report_03.30.06.pdf (96.0 KB)

Constitutionality of Applying the FCC’s Indecency Restriction to Cable Television
Abstract: Congressional Research Service Report for Congress.
Publication Type: Government Report
Attachment: CRS_report_120105.pdf (72.4 KB)

GAO Report: Issues Related to Competition and Subscriber Rates in the Cable Television Industry
Abstract: Government Accountability Office report on a la carte.
Publication Type: Government Report
Attachment: gao_report_on_cable_prices_10-03.pdf (3406.8 KB)


Miscellaneous Studies

“This Week in Broadband Stimulus Funding”
Abstract: Blog post from CableTechTalk.com about recent developments in the broadband stimulus implementation process.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

Nondiscrimination and Interconnection
Abstract: Statement issued at the Roundtable on Nondiscrimination and Interconnection Obligations.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: NTIA_Forum_-_NCTA_Nondiscrimination_Statement_03.23.09.pdf (10.0 KB)

The Proper Measure of Cable’s Value
Abstract: This fact sheet puts the pricing issue in context by showing how the quantity of channels, content and value increased dramatically over time; how bundles are delivering cost savings and top quality; and how the prices for cable’s competitors are rising at a faster rate.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

Kyle McSlarrow Discusses the Broadband Stimulus Package
Abstract: In a video, NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow discusses the Broadband Stimulus Package currently being debated in Washington. He offers insight into the most effective ways government can help with broadband affordability, availability, and adoption in America.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

“The Digital TV Transition Is Coming?”
Abstract: An article in Executive News magazine about the Digital TV Transition
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

Cable and Broadcast Industry Coordination Reference Handbook for the Broadcast DTV Transition
Abstract: This document is intended to provide general background information concerning the broadcast industry’s transition to digital television and a generic technical and operational checklist to assist television broadcasters and cable operators in preparing for coordination efforts to help facilitate the digital transition, and prepare for carriage of digital broadcast signals post transition.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: DTV_Transition_Coordination_Handbook.pdf (1539.4 KB)

Media Briefing on Network Management
Abstract: NCTA hosted a media briefing to address the topic of broadband network management.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

“The tru2way Platform – Bringing Interactive TV to Consumers”
Abstract: This brochure from NCTA and CableLabs explains tru2way, the brand name for a series of technical specifications that provide a way for applications developers and content providers to create and deploy interactive services for consumers.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: tru2way_brochure_02.01.08.pdf (2152.5 KB)

“Cable makes digital television switch easy”
Abstract: In an op-ed piece for The Tennessean, NCTA President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow describes the role that cable will play in the coming digital television transition, set for February 17, 2009.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Bundling Video with Voice and Data Services Gives Cable Companies A Competitive Edge over Tel
Abstract: Cable companies, which lead the customer satisfaction rankings for telephone service in all six U.S. regions for the first time, are proving to be tough competition for traditional telephone providers, as the impact of bundled service packages steadily reshapes the telecommunications market, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Residential Regional Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

DTV Transition Factsheet
Abstract: One-page factsheet from the DTV Transition Coalition, available in both English and Spanish.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
DTV_Coalition_Factsheet_English_07.01.07.pdf (236.2 KB)
DTV_Coalition_Factsheet_Spanish_07.01.07.pdf (259.7 KB)

Flyer for The TV Boss
Abstract: Flyer promoting the cross-industry initiative, promoting parental controls. Includes 10 tips for parents about how they can monitor and supervise their children’s television consumption and information about the the TV Ratings System.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: TV_Boss_Flyer_06.28.07.pdf (490.6 KB)

Industry Online Code of Conduct
Abstract: Cable operators serving more than 90 percent of cable households and more than 200 cable networks, have pledged their participation in PointSmart.ClickSafe. and have pledged to provide their customers and viewers with a variety of tools and resources.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: Online_Safety_Code_of_Conduct_06.06.07.pdf (61.2 KB)

“Preparing for the Digital Transition”
Abstract: NCTA and Retirement Living TV, the first cable network dedicated to people age 55 and over, co-hosted a discussion on seniors and the digital TV transition at The Cable Show ’07, NCTA’s 56th annual convention and international exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Coupon Program FAQ
Abstract: Information about the Converter Box Coupon Program, in both English and Spanish.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
NTIA_Coupon_FAQ.pdf (184.6 KB)
NTIA_Coupon_FAQ_SPANISH.pdf (184.0 KB)

“Preparing for the Digital Television Transtition” brochure
Abstract: This NTIA brochure explains how to prepare for the coming DTV transition. Versions available in English and Spanish.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
NTIA_DTV_brochure_04.12.07.pdf (250.1 KB)
NTIA_DTV_brochure_SPANISH.pdf (250.8 KB)

“Cable TV’s New Aim: Free Us From Tangle Of Boxes and Remotes”
Abstract: A February 21, 2007 Wall Street Journal article by Peter Grant reports on cable operators’ support for two-way “plug and play” television sets, set-top boxes and other products which use the OpenCable platform.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication

Competition Works. Consumers Win!
Abstract: NCTA publication delivering a timely message: Competition, Choice and Value Shape Today’s Telecommunications Marketplace.
Publication Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Attachment: Consumers_Win_01.31.06.pdf (665.9 KB)

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