Richelle Orlando

Richelle Orlando, Operations Manager, began working with CCTA in June of 2000.  As Operations Manager, Richelle serves as the President’s Liaison, managing the information and materials for communication with the CCTA Board of Directors and Executive Committee as well as the professional organizations with which the President participates.  Richelle is also responsible for CCTA’s on-site and off-site event planning and meeting management.  Additional responsibilities include the management of Association Contribution Program, management of CCTA Social Media Program, coordination of the use of the CCTA Facilities for Events and the
management of CCTA Association and Office Operations.  Richelle also is responsible for all regulatory filings with various California Agencies.  Primarily the California Public Utilities Commission.

Prior to being Operations Manager, Richelle served for many years as the CCTA Legislative Analyst.  Prior to working for CCTA Richelle worked for the Public Health Institute under a federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant for the North American Association for Cancer Registries (NAACR).  She was born and raised in Sacramento County, originally from the small town of Courtland on the Sacramento River. Richelle graduated from Elk Grove High School and attended Consumes River College and Sacramento City College.

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