Cable Educates

“CCTA programs will give millions of students the tools they need to do homework at home and even to develop the skills they will need to find a job in the 21st Century.”



Bridging Digital Divide & Expanding Access

In the Community

Cable reaches into communities and invests in partnerships to increase broadband access, improve digital literacy, promote computer ownership and encourage home broadband use.

California cable companies are connecting low-income families and students to the Internet because they feel it is essential to succeed in today’s economy. The Internet can be used to:

  • Provide an opportunity for quality education
  • Strengthening job skills
  • Obtain news
  • Access health, educational and financial information


California cable operators invest more than $200 million annually in charitable and philanthropic activities that address their priorities of promoting community service, expanding digital literacy and building tomorrow’s leaders.

California cable operators are striving to bridge the digital divide through:

  • Promoting education and broadband adoption by providing low-cost, discounted broadband Internet service to millions of K-12 students that don’t currently have broadband in their homes.
  • Providing free broadband to schools and libraries.
  • Creating programs that provide low cost broadband service options to access free digital literacy training in print, online and in-person.
  • Opening several state-of-the-art technology centers that bring technology into the neighborhoods that need it the most – with access to new computers, printers, software, high-speed Internet, DVRs and HD televisions.
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