Video On Demand

vod150Video-on-Demand is a method of delivering video to customers upon request and is unique to cable as a result of cable’s two-way network. Programming is ordered with the push of a remote button and the content plays with full VCR functionality (pause, rewind, fast-forward). The content – which includes new and old movies, special events, and television programming – is stored on servers at the cable system headend.

VOD allows the end-user subscriber to select at any time the programming they wish to view from a large selection of titles and categories stored on a remote server.

As cable operators have upgrade their systems with digital and two-way capability, they have offered VOD, DVRs and other sophisticated interactive services. Such services are increasingly putting the control of media directly into the hands of consumers – allowing them to watch what they want, when they want.

Video On Demand Providers:

Suddenlink Media
Wave Broadband

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