High Speed Internet

internet150Cable’s high-speed broadband platform delivers an enormous array of Internet content, applications, and services that consumers and businesses want and enjoy.  Since 1996, the cable industry has invested well over $100 billion to develop the infrastructure that provides the backbone for high-speed access to the Internet.  Consumers now have a rich array of high-speed Internet access in addition to video and voice services.

In the mid 1990’s, cable was the first industry to offer an affordable, residential high-speed Internet service that spurred the growth of the Internet, stimulated the development of a highly competitive broadband marketplace, and provided a stable and growing platform for Internet entrepreneurs.  Cable broadband service is now available to 117 million homes, or 92 percent of all American households.

In a little over a decade, broadband speeds have greatly increased, providing for new Internet applications, nearly ubiquitous deployment, and exponential growth in broadband adoption rates.  Most cable operators offer download speeds faster than 10 Mbps and some are beginning to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 technology that enables download speeds of 100 Mbps—making today’s broadband look like yesterday’s dial-up service.

High Speed Internet Providers:

Suddenlink Media
Wave Broadband

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