Meet Wi-Fi 6 | NCTA — The Internet & Television Association

Most people rarely think about the Wi-Fi they use everyday, let alone how it might change or how it works. But Wi-Fi does, in fact, change and update like any other technology. The next generation of Wi-Fi network technology, called Wi-Fi 6 (the technical name is IEEE 802.11ax), will hit the market later this year and help with network congestion, deliver faster speeds, including gigabit connections like 10G, and other improvements. This new certification includes Wi-Fi connected devices from routers to smart lightbulbs to tablets. Also, Wi-Fi 6 is backwards compatible, meaning if someone buys a new smart speaker that runs the new standard, it will still work fine on Wi-Fi 5, it just won’t get all the same benefits. This way, as devices upgrade and get replaced and connections become faster, the transition is smooth.

Source: Meet Wi-Fi 6 | NCTA — The Internet & Television Association



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