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CCTA Letter to Governor and State Leadership on Federal Broadband Rescue Plan Funds




Fast, reliable internet access a must to close digital divide

Fast, reliable internet access a must to close digital divide – Capitol Weekly


Advancing Broadband Deployment Policies to Benefit All Californians

Just as California cable broadband has evolved, so has its power to use technology in a way that positively transforms our society. California is among the largest and most diverse states in the nation.  It possesses a unique personality, a sophisticated lifestyle and vibrant economy. The Golden State is comprised of 39.56 million people living in an area that stretches more than 163,695 square miles from the Oregon border to Mexico.

Californians speak more than 207 different languages. There are 470 public, non-profit and for-profit institutions of higher learning. The state possesses the most creative workforce in the world. It is the cradle of the entertainment industry – from television, video gaming, music and movies.  California is home to technology companies that have reshaped the way people around the world communicate with one another.

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